Entry 09

Milieu Architecure & Design


Milieu Architects present for your consideration, a lounger designed for canine and human relaxation.

Whether your pup be sleeping, napping or forty winks, this lounger caters for indoor, outdoor & poolside drinks

Inspired by Wilbur, our sweet office muse, who’s never one to miss a summer snooze.

Wilbur, Head of Lounging and Relaxation, is hoping his vision will cause an overnight sensation.

By studying his habits, quirks and every doggy need, this dog house was designed, suitable for every breed.

A “kissing hole” is provided, to pop his head out quick, and give his human a gentle nudge, sniff and lick.

The slope of the roof has been especially made, as back support for human, while giving doggy shade.

The indoor-outdoor flow will surely appease, those who like their habitats to provide a gentle breeze.

A pull rope on the front for some boisterous play, will help with fitness and keep the boredom at bay.

Milieu’s “chien-lounge” is the name you should remember, when casting your vote this September.

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